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NEW! Lightning Learning On-Demand Webinar Series - Trailers and the BAP Coverage Symbols & Endorsements

Wrap-Ups, OCIPs, and CCIPs: Issues and Solutions

Lightning Learning On-Demand Webinar Series - Dealers, Drivers, and Drunks
​Purcha​se recording - $9.99​​​​​

COI-monster-download.jpgThe Never-Ending Problems with the Certificates of Insurance MonsterLightning Learning On-Demand Webinar Series - Contractor Risks
Executive Liability: Current Trends in D&O Liability and Insurance
Condo Cases of Crime and D&O Defects

Pollution Solutions - Unbelievable Fun with Pollution Exclusions
Workers' Compensation: 5 Mistakes Every Agent Makes

Business Income: Are You Sure You Protected ALL the Insurable Income

Contractors Protective Professional Indemnity
ISO's 2017 Commercial Property Changes
Business Income - The KEY Concepts for Business Income Excellence
Ordinance or Law - When (and Why) Partial Losses Become Total Losses
ATTENTION! It's No Longer JUST the COI that get You in Trouble. There's a New Monster in TownContractual Risk Transfer, Additional Insureds, and the Primary & Noncontributory RequirementsUntangling the Work Comp Mess - When Employees Travel and Their Families SueAre You Insuring All the Right People?Untangling the Work Comp Mess - Who is Covered and WhenIs the Absolute Pollution Exclusion Really Absolute? Hint: NO!
Purchase recording - $49
Purchase transcript - $29 (Table of Contents​)

Understanding Commercial Property Underwriting - COPE in All its Glory
Purchase recording - $59
Purchase transcript - $29 (Table of Contents​)

Builders Risk and Installation Floaters
Purchase recor​ding - $59

Finding & Fixing Commercial Lines Coverage Gaps
Purchase record​ing - $59

Pollution...You're Not Properly Insuring It!
Purchase recording - $59

Horrible Commercial Lines Policy Forms & Endorsements to Avoid or Be Wary Of
Purchase recording - $79
CGL Contractual Liability Issues in the Construction Industry
Certificates of Insurance - 2015 Edition

Data Breach...the New Wild West? Cyber Risk Exposures & Insurance

Beyond the Basics: The ISO CGL Property Damage Exclusions

Top 10 Countdown: Commercial Lines Edition

Demystifying Business Income Coverage, Options & Worksheets

How to Calculate Business Income Limits in 5 Minutes

Commercial Crime Coverage

2013 Changes To The ISO Businessowners Policy

Be Careful What You Ask For…The NEW 2013 ISO CGL Changes


NEW! In the Aftermath of the Storm: An Agent's Perspective

Lightning Learning On-Demand Webinar Series - Beggers, Bloggers & Building Codes as they apply to Homeowners

Lightning Learning On-Demand Webinar Series - Autonomous Vehicles, PAP "Business Use" Exclusion & More

Lightning Learning On-Demand Webinar Series - HO Endorsements & Legal Liability

Lightning Learning On-Demand Webinar Series - PAP Eligibility, Insureds & Classifications
ISO's Personal Auto Policy Changes

Lightning Learning On-Demand Webinar Series - Replacement Cost, Special Limits, and Dog Bite RulesLightning Learning On-Demand Webinar Series - Homeowners' Policy Eligibility, Forms, and InsuredsFinding & Fixing Personal Lines Coverage Gaps

Top 10 Countdown: Personal Lines Edition

12 Personal Lines Hot Topics, Issues, Infuriating Claim Denials & Catastrophic Coverage Gaps No One Told You About


Pricing is Dead! Long Live Pricing! - To Succeed, You Need to Learn to Adapt

NEW! Lightning Learning On-Demand Webinar Series - Bad Business, "Effective" Selling & Making Goal

Lightning Learning On-Demand Webinar Series - Ridesharing, Home Sharing & Other "Property Pimping" Exposures

Re-Learning Flood: Old Myths & New Realities

Cracking the Condominium Conundrum
Purchase recording - $59
Purchase transcript - $29 (Table of Contents)

NFIP: Change, Chaos, and Confusion
Purchase​ recording - $59

Drones AKA Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Problems, Solutions & Insurance

The Dumb Things We Do: Learning From Mistakes Made By Agents, Insurers, Insureds, Regulators & the Media

Emerging Insurance Pricing Mechanisms…the End of Underwriting?

Insurance in the Headlines

BW12 & HFIAA (HR3370): Changes to the National Flood Insurance Program
When Words Collide...Resolving Insurance Coverage & Claim Disputes

CRITICAL 2013 National Flood Insurance Program Changes & Issues Every Agent Needs to Know

​​​​​​​New Overtime Ruling: Decisions to Be Made
How to Compete with Direct Sales & Captive Agency Insurers

Legal & Ethical Obligations for Insurance Professionals