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Personal Auto

On-Demand Webinars

ISO's 2018 Personal Auto Policy Changes
Insurance Services Office (ISO) filed 30 changes to its personal auto program effective September 1, 2018. Don't find yourself behind the curve on the changes.

Lightning Learning: PAP Eligibility, Insureds & Classifications
This three part PAP series covers who is eligible on the policy, who is insured, and how to assign proper use classifications.

Lightning Learning: Autonomous Vehicles, PAP "Business Use" Exclusion & More

This three part series is dedicated autonomous vehicle coverge, applying the "business use" exclusion to the PAP, and why personally owned vehicles don't belong on the BAP.

Lightning Learning: Ridesharing, Home Sharing & Other "Property Pimping" Exposures
This three part series is dedicated to "property pimping" including ridesharing, home sharing, and other property pimping exposures.

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