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In the “HO-2000 world,” ISO has promulgated over 145 homeowners’ endorsements. Some of these endorsements take protection away (we want to stay away from those), some apply to specific exposures (such as home sharing) and others even clarify what the policy already says. But among this long list are great endorsements that are greatly underutilized by many agents.
In other articles, I've taken a look at the Best and the Worst changes in ISO's new HO2000 Homeowners program. In addition to revising most forms and endorsements, ISO has introduced several new ones. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the more important changes.
The ISO HO replacement cost endorsement says, 'Personal Property Replacement Cost coverage will also apply to the following articles or classes of property if they are separately described and specifically insured in this policy...Golfer's equipment meaning golf clubs, golf clothing and golf equipment.' Does this mean, as one adjuster claims, that replacement cost coverage does NOT apply if golf clubs are not scheduled?
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