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What does it mean when an adjuster reports that your insured is not “legally liable,” so the carrier will deny the claim. This article explains the basics of legal liability so that you can explain it to your clients.
Recent settlements and jury verdicts against property owners and managers hit with premises liability claims continue to climb. Whether your clients own a tavern, a manufacturing plant, manage apartment complexes, or are homeowners, their current liability limits may be insufficient in today’s legal environment.
Assaults, slip and falls, gas leaks and other liability issues can wreak havoc on a commercial real estate (CRE) insured’s loss history. With property rates expected to climb again next year due to Hurricane Ian’s impact on the reinsurance marketplace, CRE exposures, especially CAT-exposed properties, will be hit hard with rate hikes, according to many industry analysts. There may be more pressure on CRE liability rates, as well, as claims costs and settlements increase. Assaults, slips and falls, water damage, all these types of incidents can decrease the insurability of CRE risks in this harder insurance market. Additionally, with CRE mergers and acquisitions hitting a record pace, a spotty loss history can hurt the portfolio’s resale value and make it a less attractive acquisition.
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