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ISO has changed the wording related to lawn mowers, golf carts and four-wheelers three times over the last several years. These changes, as you would expect, change the coverage provided. How do each versions of ISO’s homeowners’ policies compare? That’s what this article addresses.
An insured keeps a high value lawn tractor at a hunting camp owned by an LLC he’s part of. How does he insure that vehicle and its use? Will his homeowners policy suffice?
The homeowners policy is designed primarily to cover golf carts while used to play golf. Unfortunately, they are often used for many other activities. This article takes a look at these uses and whether or not they can be covered by traditional insurance policies.
OK, I know at this time of year we should be talking about snow blowers, not lawn mowers. However, we recently discovered a double coverage gap in the HO 2000 program that could create a potentially catastrophic uninsured exposure for your clients. Therefore, we wanted to present this to you at this time to give you months to plan how you want to address this issue with your customers.
Question: 'Our insured is purchasing a $25,000 'lawn mower'. The lienholder/manufacturer is requiring insurance that includes 'collision and upset' coverage. Does the HO policy with 'all-risks' personal property coverage extend to such vehicles and would it include this coverage?
We've had probably about a dozen questions dealing with coverage for lawn tractors when operated off the residence premises, often ridden a few blocks to mow nearby property of a relative or friend. Recently, these questions have been coming in more regularly, so it appears to be time for a refresher course on the subject.
Miscellaneous personal vehicles today include an extremely wide assortment, from the venerable golf cart, to exotic inventions such as the Segway, to mundane service vehicles such as riding lawnmowers and motorized wheel chairs. So, where's the coverage?
Both the Personal Auto Policy and the Homeowners Policy provide some coverage for trailers, but in most cases the coverage is limited. This article includes a highly detailed analysis of coverages that are provided by the Personal Auto Policy and the Homeowners Policy.
An insured had a riding lawnmower he was moving on a trailer. The vehicle and trailer slid in soft dirt and the trailer came unhooked, throwing the lawnmower off and totaling it. Is the lawnmower covered by the insured's named perils policy? The adjuster says there is no peril that covers it listed in the policy.
Our faculty handles plenty of simple questions. However, frequently we get questions that, on the surface, seem simple, but on further inspection prove to be quite problematic, even controversial. Here's one involving motor homes and homeowners policies.
Some of your customers probably own jet skis. Even more will rent or use one if they live or vacation near the coast, lakes or waterways. When they rent or operate a jet ski, probably the last thing that crosses their minds is what insurance coverage they have. Is there homeowners coverage for damage to the jet ski or other property, or for bodily injury? What about coverage under a personal umbrella policy?
Writing in response to a recent Ace Insura 'Case of the Jet-Skiing Jet-Setter' episode, a reader questioned whether a jet ski colliding with an object in the water would have any coverage for damage to the watercraft under a named perils homeowners policy covering personal property.
A woman who was in a wheelchair was attempting to get into her vehicle. As she turned in her wheelchair, she accidentally hit our insured’s vehicle (with her wheelchair) causing damage to his vehicle. The woman reported the incident to her auto and homeowners carriers. Each has denied the claim, saying the other policy should respond.
First came motorized wheel chairs for the handicapped, then 'scooters' for the elderly, and now 'personal mobility' vehicles for anyone who doesn't want to walk long distances or, supposedly, is just plain lazy. Many stores, malls, and amusement parks now make these vehicles available and some are even being used for sightseeing tours. The big question is, from handicapped to recreational use, are these vehicles covered by a homeowners policy?
In many cases, persons using watercraft own them and rely on a boatowners or yacht policy. But, in many other instances, they rent them or are just using them. In this article we'll look at some serious exposures presented when your clients rent sailboats, houseboats, jet skis, or other watercraft and have only their HO policies to rely on.
You may have seen some of the press for the new Segway personal transportation device. They are now being marketed for about $3,500-$5,000 each, and you can bet that probably sooner, rather than later, someone is going to be run over or injured as an operator and file a claim. Being the insurance nerds that we are, are these devices covered by traditional insurance policies?
When growing up as a child, I fondly recall the red scooter I got from Santa. They were very popular when I was a kid, but then disappeared from favor for many years...until just recently when I received a fax from an agent showing an ad for the new wave of scooters with a note asking, 'Does the homeowners policy cover this?'
A child who was a passenger on an ATV was injured and the insurer denied the claim under a premises liability policy, citing an exclusion for the ownership, maintenance or USE of a motor vehicle. If someone is a passenger on a conveyance, are they 'using' that vehicle?
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