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VU Research Library


The Big "I" Virtual University offers an extensive number of articles that include coverage analyses. Many of the articles are based upon real-life questions received by the Ask an Expert service. This service ensures that our information is current and topical. When the VU experts become aware of major coverage gaps, and new issues emerge, we're quick to present our analysis, usually via the free Insurance Illustrated newsletter. If we see trends like a particular question being raised repeatedly, we know it's ripe for presentation as an article.

This section of the VU research library includes articles and white papers that address coverage and claims issues, many originating from our 'Ask an Expert' service, involving business auto and garage exposures, business income issues, CGL exclusions, the need for D&O coverage, property valuation and coverages, and workers compensation problems.
Click above to access information. This area of the VU research library is in its infancy. Included are basic L&H articles to improve the understanding of P&C producers and other agency staff members.
Click above to access information. While issues like in-home businesses and recreational vehicles are addressed in this section of the VU research library, the focus is on mainstream coverage and claim Q&A involving homeowners and personal auto lines of insurance. Important issues ranging from diminished value claims to valuing homes are discussed in articles and included are white papers such as one on a potentially catastrophic HO “exclusion.”
One reason why checklists are good? It is easy for us to forget things. When you do something that involve multiple steps, it’s likely that you can forget one or two of them. Using checklists ensures that you won’t forget anything and will help reduce E&O exposures and streamline a process. The Big 'I' Virtual University offers checklists, charts and white papers to help you in your day to day efforts and research. Visit this page and see what is available.
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