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As the marketplace for long-term care insurance continues to shrink, more agents seek ways to expand their revenue and meet their insureds’ needs by offering other coverages. Critical illness coverage, which provides additional insurance protection for medical emergencies such as strokes, cancer, or heart attacks, can offer your clients protection and build customer loyalty.
The Affordable Care Act has permanently altered the health insurance industry and is a topic of tremendous importance to agents and brokers in all areas of insurance and financial advising. For many brokers, there are substantial changes to the marketplace that necessitate considerations of changing business models, including adding consulting services and supplemental insurance products. This white paper addresses these issues and more.
With an aging population, do you understand what Medicare is all about if asked by a customer? What does it cover? What does it NOT cover? When can someone enroll? When does coverage start? What deductibles and coinsurance apply? What are the costs? What prescription drug coverage is included?
Many insureds receive an increase in benefits when a health insurance policy adds prescription coverage to the benefits that had already been granted. Other insureds may be surprised to find that the addition causes an increase in their out of pocket expenses rather than an increase in coverage. For example....
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