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What happens if an insured’s tree falls and damages property or injures someone on a neighbor’s premises? If the occurrence is caused by an “Act of God,” is the insured off the hook? This may not be as simple a question as you think and many factors can come into play.
Once again, we find ourselves in the deeply political and emotional debate about guns, the second amendment, gun control, and safety. This discussion requires us to clear up some misconceptions about guns, insurance, and the place of the insurance industry. We may even have to deal with some misinformation.
Based on the dictionary meaning of “resident,' is there really an age limitation on kids away at college? Paragraph 5.a.(1) states that an insured is a relative who is a resident of your household. Paragraph 5.b.(1) states that a student who WAS a resident before MOVING OUT to attend school is an 'insured.' It does not appear an age limitation really applies if residency existed and the adult child never changed residency.
A guest leaves your party where they consumed too much alcohol, has an accident, and you’re sued. Is this an HO or PAP exposure, or both? If it’s a PAP exposure, does it matter that neither you, a family member, nor a vehicle you own was involved in the accident? Apparently opinions vary.
In a recent article we wrote on the problems of canine liability, agents asked where they could obtain a standalone canine liability policy. Our guest writer, insurance agent Debbie Turner, describes in this article some of the challenges of finding and evaluating a standalone canine liability policy.
Approximately 4.5 million dog bites occur in the U.S. each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to, from 2005 to 2017, 433 Americans died from dog attacks. Of these fatalities, 65.6% were the result of attacks by pit bulls, with Rottweilers accounting for an additional 10.4%. There’s a lot for agents to know about dog liability and homeowners coverage issues.
What coverage does your insured have when they travel for vacation? More importantly, what coverage don’t they have? Although there is worldwide protection for the insured’s stuff, what are the liability limitations that could catch your insured off guard – costing them lots of money? That’s what this article discusses.
Halloween pranks can cause injury or damage. Even if no pranks are pulled, a trick-or-treater could suffer injury on the insured’s premises. What should we tell our clients about Halloween and the little candy beggars showing up at their door?
More than one-third of homeowners’ insurance liability claims are attributable to dog bites according to a 2016 Insurance Information Institute (III) report. III reported that the average cost of a dog-bite claim in 2015 was $37,214 - a 94 percent increase since 2003.
Your daughter is getting married and friends with a beautiful lake home have offered their place for the reception. Concerned about personal liability, you check your HO policy but the definition of 'insured location' only really includes premises where you reside, are building a residence, are vacant, or are renting temporarily. Your friend is not charging anything. Do you have any coverage?
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