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Online Learning Resources

Take control of learning with access to insurance education and training from anywhere, at any time it is needed. 

Big I, in powerful collaboration with International Risk Management Institute (IRMI) and WebCE®, is proud to open the doors to a learning experience guaranteed to help you EXCEED – not just succeed!

EXCEED presents this amazing content in easy-to-consume microlearning episodes using animation, real life situations and knowledge checks. You WILL gain priceless knowledge, valuable skills and amazing confidence regardless how long you've been in this business.

EXCEED is for everyone in the agency. Agency managers, account executives, producers, agency managers, vice presidents, presidents - everyone. In fact, EXCEED can be a team sport. 

EXCEED takes complex elements of insurance coverage and breaks them down into memorable, straightforward concepts and offers the option to include weekly reinforcements to keep the information front and center. 

>>>> Learn more about what makes EXCEED fun, engaging and effective or visit EXCEED now to register or sign in

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