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ABEN Basics & Beyond - New Agent Training

You've been an agent for a year or two, and the ride has been incredible! You like the business, the relationships, and the challenge, but you suddenly realize insurance is complicated, confusing, and sometimes frustrating. 

lect your state catalog from the right column and take the next step in utizling the this Big "I" Virtual University training through risk and insurance basics and beyond via the ABEN platform.

Intentional Training to Prepare For Tomorrow

Choose between Blue or Red! The program offers 3 hours to 24 hours of training for a wide range of learning experiences - Basic to Beyond. Take an intentional step forward and gain powerful knowledge. 

New Insurance Agent Training with Big "I" VU Basic and Beyond!


Risk, Risk Management and Insurance: Why Agents Are NOT Risk Managers (3 hours)

Understanding the Insurance Industry: From Regulations to Operations (3 hours)

The Law of Insurance Contracts and the Rules of Policy Interpretation. (3 hours) 

Torts, Negligence and Legal Liability (3 hours)


The Basics of Contractual Risk Transfer, Additional Insureds and Certificates of Insurance (4 hours)

Premium Auditing What Every Agent Must Know (2 hours)

The Basics of Commercial Property Underwriting and Rating: COPE (3 hours)

The Basics of Property Values and Coinsurance Conditions (3 hours)



Students have access to a live event (date and time specific) for 30 days with CE just once. If  video on demand there is 90 days and material can be downloaded.

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