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Virtual University


The Virtual University is a smarter way to research and find answers to tough insurance questions. Our experts explore and explain real issues and policy coverage questions in four areas: commercial lines, personal lines, life/health and agency management. Users can also dive into talent recruitment, tips for starting an agency, checklists, state specific charts and much more. And if you can't find your solution, Ask an Expert and get a custom answer. 



Are You Overlooking a $25,000 to $500,000+ Property Exposure?
In mid-2018, the VU introduced a property insurance topic few agents have ever considered murals. Although probably a part of your everyday commute, you probably don't notice or pay much attention to this building art. But from an insurance perspective, ignoring this urban art could result in a major out-of-pocket expense in the even of a loss. 

Insuring Owned Trailers Without Owned Autos
We probably get more questions about trailers than any other vehicle. Search the VU for trailer and youll see what I mean. In this article, VU faculty member Mike Edwards addresses the subject yet again, under both BAP and PAP forms, of how to insure an owned trailer when you dont own any autos.


Best Practices for Agency Operations: Avoiding the Producer Recruting Train Wreck
Join Brian McNeely from Reagan Consulting on July 30 as he defines the producer recruiting issues that the industry faces, makes the financial case for producer recruiting and touches on some successful strategies related to producer recruiting in a free 15-minute webinar. REGISTER

Recently the VU has received a number of questions around the topic of mid-term cancellations. Are mid-term cancellations by the carrier that easily allowed? For carriers it is not that simple, for the agents, the statutory requirements allowing mid-term cancellation are just fuzzy enough to make fighting these claims and actions difficult.

Don't be overwhelmed by hiring a new employee. Lean on the Big "I" for help recruiting and retaining new talent. Check out the DIY tools or tap into IdealTraits for help with post jobs, assess skills and find the right candidate. HR help is also available including weekly tips on important issures.


Three Underutilized Homeowners' Endorsements
In the "HO-2000 world," ISO has promulgated over 145 homeowners' endorsements with many greatly underutilized by many agents.

Kids Kars... An E&O Time Bomb
Divorced parents, kids cars, joint custody, what to do with policies? Does your staff have the coverage chops to recognize these types of coverage scenarios?


The VU is a constantly evolving research area. Be the first to see what's new in the VU by subscribing to the VUpoint newsletter. Click here to read the latest issue. 


More than a box of air, an insurance nightmare! Three 20-minute sessions in July tackle the insurance nightmare known as CondominuimsREGISTER  


Take a look into the briefcase of the top performing agencies in the U.S. and view key metrics and benchmarks critical to agency growth, success and perpetuation. LEARN MORE



Risk & Reality Reports are easy to read e-books that explain complex insurance issues simply, with topics ranging from certificates of insurance, commercial general liability, condominiums and more. VIEW TOPICS  

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