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EXCEED Microlearning

For New to Seasoned Employees - Developed In Partnership with IRMI

EXCEED and EXCEED Onboard are perfect for onboarding, career development
and knowledge refreshing. 

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  • Microlearning through easy-to-consume, smartly explained videos. 
  • Complex elements of insurance coverage are broken down with real-life, practical scenarios.
  • Personal lines, commercial lines packages and individual modules available.
  • New to the business? Build upon knowledge gained in license exam prep courses. 
  • Need a refresher? Explore coverage and refresh in subject areas you may not often handle.
  • Agency principals can monitor progress and create a competitive dashboard to engage the entire team in the process. Reinforcement and accountability is built in. 
  • Modules are available to the user for 12 months and they can be viewed multiple times.
  • Need more information or want to view sample videos? Keep scrolling! 
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EXCEED Onboard 

  • Provides an 'easy as 1-2-3' structured onboarding plan.
  • Includes specific training for 2-3 lines of business, onboarding calendar and study guide, tests and review days, custom discussion topics, accountability and more. 
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EXCEED and EXCEED Onboard are for training purposes with no CE credit awarded.

“[T]he EXCEED modules make it easy to learn and then 'translate' that learning into a persuasive sales conversation. We see less call reluctance and better overall activity levels among those who engage with the material." —Chris Condon Vice President, Sales Force Development Hub International


Test Your Knowledge

EXCEED engages adult learners with interactive elements and application based contentWatch this short video and test your knowledge of kidnap and ransom insurance. Knowledge checks are carried throughout each module to help ensure information is being retained.

Personal and Commercial Lines Explored
EXCEED is a uniquely different training experience developed by industry experts engages adult learners with interactive elements, application-based content, and builds upon what they already know. EXCEED is designed for every level of a producer to develop talent from licensing to retirement. Pick a series package, or an individual topic for custom learning.

EXCEED reinforcements are an optional enhancement that remind you about situations and scenarios that are important to you and your customers and allow you to apply your knowledge to real-life situations. Delivered weekly each reinforcement is a 2-3-minute engaging, fun refresher on a specific P&C topic. 

Team Tracking and Accountability 
EXCEED allows managers the ability to monitor, track and foster friendly competition. Create academic heroes, teamwork, and collaboration all while benefiting from the ability to address any identified performance gaps. 

Fun, Engaging and Effective 
Each module is digestible, full of bright narrators, relatable, interactive, and effective. This is not your ordinary insurance education. As each module is completed confidence is gained and a learning culture developed. 

Bright NarrationLearning modules offer bright narration, diverse characters and scenarios that make it easy to watch and learn
Practical ScenariosEach interactive episode highlights key property and casualty topics that teach and then test knowledge
Weekly ReinforcementsStrengthen knowledge with 2-3 minute reinforcements delivered via email. Insurance education never stops

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EXCEEDing Education - A Rough Notes Article 

I don't care if you have all the designations behind your name, or if you're an attorney who's in this business, you're not going to know everything. I like the modules for refreshing on things I may have forgotten." —Doug Lutz, CIC Agent Doug Lutz Property and Casualty Insurance



WebCE is a subsidiary of International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI) and shares our commitment to providing you an outstanding customer experience, superior service, and quality content.

The EXCEED program, including all its modules, videos, interactive materials and other content, (the “Program") is intended for general informational purposes only. The Program is provided solely on an “as is" basis with no warranties, claims or representations of any kind, including but not limited to warranties of accuracy, quality, completeness, compliance with the law or satisfaction of any continuing education or certification requirements. IIABA and/or IIABA's subsidiaries and affiliates shall not be held responsible in any way for, and specifically disclaim, any liability arising out of or in any way connected to any reliance on or use of the Program. The information contained or referenced in the Program is not intended to constitute and should not be considered legal, accounting or other professional advice, nor shall it serve as a substitute for the recipient obtaining such advice. If specific legal or other expert advice is required or desired, the services of an appropriate, competent professional, such as an attorney or accountant, should be sought.

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