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Agency Management Experts

Bates, Virginia

President, VMB Associates, Inc.

Bradshaw Ray, Sara

Founder, SynerDynamics Group

Burand, Chris

President and Owner, Burand & Associates, LLC

Diamond, Al

President, Agency Consulting Group, Inc.

Friedman, Terry

Insurance Consultant

Germond, Nancy

Executive Director, Risk Management and Education, Big "I" National

Harrington, Lisa

Founder, Sapphire Enterprises d/b/a Abiding Strategy

Koch, Cheryl

President and CEO, Agency Management Resource Group

Koches, Sharon

Founder and CEO, Managing Performance, LLC

LaPorte, Mary

President, LaPorte Consulting, LLC

Martin, Paul

Director of Academic Content, National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research

Newman, Judith

President, Phaze II Consulting, Inc. and NetGen Data Security Consulting

​127 South Peyton Street
Alexandria VA 22314
​phone: 800.221.7917
fax: 703.683.7556

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