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Eight Liberty Regional Agency Markets Companies Join Trusted Choice

ALEXANDRIA, Va., June 23 - Eight of the regional and specialty companies of Liberty Regional Agency Markets (RAM) have simultaneously joined Trusted ChoiceSM—the fast-growing national branding initiative created by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA) and its company partners.


The eight Liberty RAM companies that have joined Trusted ChoiceSM are: America First Insurance (based in Dallas), Colorado Casualty (Englewood, Colo.), specialty writer GoAmerica Auto Insurance (Indianapolis), Golden Eagle Insurance (San Diego), Hawkeye-Security Insurance (Des Moines, Iowa), Indiana Insurance (Loveland, Ohio), Montgomery Insurance (Sandy Spring, Md.), and Peerless Insurance (Keene, N.H.).


“With Trusted ChoiceSM commercials currently running throughout the country on national television, there couldn’t be a more ideal time for the Liberty RAM companies to embrace the Trusted ChoiceSM movement and for us to welcome them into the fold,” says IIABA CEO Robert A. Rusbuldt.  “These companies are committed to their independent agents, and they know that having a national brand for their distribution system with a written pledge of performance is both good for their customers and their companies.”


Roger Jean, president of Regional Agency Markets, says: “The Liberty Regional Agency Markets companies have been strong supporters of the independent agency system for many years. We are joining Trusted ChoiceSM because it is an excellent vehicle to highlight the strengths of the independent agent.  Policyholders expect and receive personalized service and competitive products from their independent agents, and we as members do our part by providing our customer—the independent agent—with goods and services needed to meet the needs of the policyholder.”


The Trusted ChoiceSM consumer marketing brand is designed to educate consumers about independent insurance agencies and their commitment to the qualities people value from an insurance counselor—choice of companies, customization of policies and advocacy.


These attributes are being highlighted in a Trusted ChoiceSM advertising blitz that began June 9 and continues through June 29 on such national television networks as NBC, CNN and ESPN. Less than two years after its inception, nearly 3,000 independent insurance agencies and brokerages across the country are participating in the Trusted ChoiceSM consumer branding program. The addition of the eight Liberty RAM companies has increased the number of Trusted ChoiceSM company partners to 26.


A business unit of Boston-based Liberty Mutual Group, Liberty Regional Agency Markets is a national organization of regional and specialty companies that offer business, home and auto insurance through independent agents and brokers. The locally branded Liberty RAM companies pride themselves on providing consumers and agents flexible insurance products and competitive pricing. Each company is led by its own local management team and focuses on fulfilling the product and service needs of the independent agents in its respective region. The companies have a combined direct written premium of more than $3 billion.


“These are excellent companies that share the ideals exhibited by Trusted ChoiceSM agencies that pledge to serve their customers first,” says Rusbuldt.  “The partnership with these Liberty RAM companies reinforces the power behind the Trusted ChoiceSM logo that is resonating more and more with consumers every day.”


In addition to the eight Liberty RAM companies, 11 other regional companies are Trusted ChoiceSM partners: Capital Insurance Group, Cascade National Insurance, Central Mutual Insurance Companies, Consumers Insurance, Kentucky National Insurance, Main Street America Group, Merchants Insurance Group, National Security Fire & Casualty, Rutgers Casualty Insurance, Selective Insurance Group and Summit Insurance. Six national insurers are Trusted ChoiceSM company partners: Encompass Insurance, MetLife Auto & Home, Native Assurance, Ohio Casualty Insurance, Progressive and Safeco Insurance. InsurBanc, a federal thrift bank created by IIABA, is a Trusted ChoiceSM strategic partner.


The Trusted ChoiceSM brand is being promoted nationally through a combination of advertising, company ingredient branding, public relations, agency marketing and Internet communications. All media directs consumers to where they find a cutting-edge Agency Locator and consumer information on numerous insurance topics.


Founded in 1896, IIABA has 300,000 members and is the nation’s oldest and most respected agent and broker association—



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