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What Makes the GIVE MOVEMENT Special?

Independent agents give back to the community year-round and the Big I" national Young Agents Committee wants to celebrate the efforts of our Trusted Choice agent community. Imagine what a difference we'd make if all 25,000 agency locations, our partners and neighbors gave back-- a small donation, a couple hours, can make a measurable difference in our communities. And, the Big I" national Young Agents Committee will document the efforts, to create talking points for presentations and to show future generationsthe independent agency system is one you want to be in.

 You gave back, we tallied your results and we celebrated your efforts

The results were EPICwatch for highlights

  • 72 organizations
  • 26 states
  • 1,683 volunteers
  • 6,728 hours
  • 155,920 items
  • $643,800!


The GIVE MOVEMENT is a win for our associations, agencies and partners. It's a win for our community and a win for the future. I am so proud of everything independent agents do in their hometownit's time to celebrate our efforts."

Big I" national Young Agents Committee Chairman, Joe Hamilton, Hal Rakowski Insurance, California

Growing the Give Movement

Statewide Day of Giving
Hosted by the Illinois Young Agents
June 2, 2017

  • 516 Participants
  • 771 hours donated
  • More than $14,700 raised
  • 26 agencies and companies
  • 22 events and fundraisers
  • 16 charities
  • Individuals Impacted: too many to count.
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