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IA Carriers Accepting eSignatures

Updated April 21, 2021

As compiled by the ACT eSignature Work Group, the following document lists known Carriers who have publicly indicated they will accept eSignatures from agents & brokers who are using legally-compliant vendor solutions:
               ACT - IA Carriers Accepting eSignatures - 2021Apr21.pdf

CARRIER REQUEST If you are a Carrier who accepts agent & broker eSignatures from legally-compliant vendors and is not listed, please contact Ron Berg ( to have your company added to the list. 

       Also, if you are a carrier who wants to communicate to your agents that you do accept legally-compliant agency eSignatures, ACT has sought out feedback from other carriers and vendors on the best communication method for this.  Below is the composite of two alternative communication formats, which you can use as a template:

                 COMM TEMPLATE - Carrier eSig Rqmts for Agencies - 2020Mar.docx 

AGENT REQUEST If any of your carriers are not listed here, please email them a request to create a public acceptance policy using this template: 
                ACT eSignature Carrier Advocacy and Discounts Template - 2019Mar12.docx

You can also send a short email to to advise of carriers not accepting agency eSignature solutions, so we can add them to our list of carriers to approach. 



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