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Agency Resource - Downloadable 'Agency-Customer eDelivery Agreement' Template

Updated March, 2018

ACT has worked with the Big 'I' national general counsel to create an 'Electronic Delivery Consent Form' template agencies can download and use.  This was initially developed to cover when agents send documents electronically via email to their customers, but it also was expanded to cover access to electronic policies via an agency's customer portal. 


This requires logging in to the IIABA website using the agency's Big 'I' ID & password, then mousing over “Big 'I' Resources" from the top-right toolbar, then down and over to 'Legal Advocacy', then clicking on 'Memoranda & FAQs'.  From the resulting screen, scroll down and click on 'Electronic Delivery'.


The document can also be accessed directly by clicking HERE.


As with our agency-customer Texting Agreement template, this document has deeper background at the beginning and a template later in the document that agencies can brand and use as their own.

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