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Agent's Resource Guide to Chatbots

An Agent's Resource 
Guide to Chatbots 
Updated January 2021

This guide walks your agency through the important advantages of having a chatbot and how it can lead your agency to greater change. Chatbots offer unlimited potential to customers while online. 

Unlock the secrets behind chatbots to help further your agency for the future. Read An Agency’s Resource Guide to Chatbots to learn more about these evolutionary assets.  

Topics Include:
  • Executive Summary 
  • Chatbot Overview 
  • Current Uses in IA Distribution 
  • Current Hurdles for Agent Implementation 
  • Agency Benefits 
  • Agency Considerations
    Strategic, and Before Purchase 
  • Types of Chatbots 
  • Features, Considerations, Selecting a Vendor 
  • Resources, Additional Insights 


 Demo Conversational Chatbots

Golf Cart Insurance Advisor

This program asks questions and then suggests to the consumer whether they may need to buy additional coverage. Final review provides links to get instant quotes and even buy coverage online.

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Rental Car Waiver Insurance Coverage Advisor

This program asks the customer questions to determine suggestions on whether the insured should buy Collision Waiver insurance from the rental car company.

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Homeowner Renewal Review

This is a sample of a renewal questionnaire to send to existing customers. It is aware of the device it is opened on and reformats the screens accordingly. As a result, on average over 16% of emails are resulting in completed responses.

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 Chatbot Guide Resources

Lemonade’s Chatbot

Lemonade uses their chatbot ‘Maya’ for quoting

Chatbot from Toronto agency ‘Excalibur Insurance’

Owners, Jeff & Una Roy, utilize a chatbot called ‘Aiden’


A visual example of a MAPFRE implementation

Customer Service Chatbot Examples

A list of sample chatbots being used for online services

USAA’s Virtual Assistant

Their virtual assistant answers commonly asked questions of users

Maruti Tech

A Chatbot using ROI statistics with easily understood graphics

Journey Map - Endorsement Chatbot Sample

Sample chatbot interaction when a customer needs a coverage endorsement

Journey Map - New Quote Chatbot Sample

Sample chatbot interaction when a customer needs a new motor vehicle quote

This provider lists some use cases scenarios to better help users


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