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Best Practices Webinars

The Best Practices for Agency Operations webinar series are free, fast and informative sessions, usually around 20-minutes in duration. 

The 2022 Best Practices Study is scheduled for release in September 2022 and based on the newly announced Best Practices Agencies. Register today and save time on your schedule to hear Tom Doran, Partner at Reagan Consulting, discuss the highlights, trends and more.

2022 Best Practices Study Highlights Webinar

October 5, 2022 at 2:00 PM EDT 
Register Today!

Gain An Understanding of the Key Metrics

Set a Foundation with Best Practices

  • 2021 Best Practices Study Highlights: Recording and handout
  • 2019 Best Practices Study Overview: Recording and handout
  • Agency Data: What to Watch And What To Be Concerned About: Recording 
  • Best Practices Study - The Top FIVE Things It Can Help In Your Agency: Recording   

Plan for Growth and the Future

Round Out Agency Efforts

  • InsureTech Update - Recording
  • Hacking Your Way to Higher Capacity + Productivity - Recording
  • Technology Insights - Recording
  • Navigating Unconscious Biases to Enhance Your Agency's Success - Recording
  • Agents Council for Technology Presents the Customer Experience Lifecycle Recording and handout
  • Best Practices for Interviewing - Recording and Handout


Best Practices Resources

The 2021 Best Practices Study Update is the latest release.

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