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Big “I” Presents Company Partners Best Practices Awards

Applied Systems, Central Insurance Companies, EMC Insurance Companies and Travelers Insurance Company honored for advocating “Best Practices" philosophies.

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 5, 2017—The Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA or the Big “I”) today presented Applied Systems, Central Insurance Companies, EMC Insurance Companies and Travelers Insurance Companies with the prestigious Best Practices Award of Excellence at the Big “I” Legislative Conference.

The awards recognize those companies that have made imaginative, outstanding and unique contributions in advocating Best Practices philosophies that enhance the independent agency system. The Big “I” Best Practices program, which was launched in 1993, provides performance benchmarks and business strategies that serve as a guide to improving agency performance.

Applied Systems, Inc., invested in reviewing data to encourage agents to participate in the Best Practices program to maximize their growth potential. The company also included Best Practices information in its webinar and blogs. Applied’s 2016 Best Practices blog had the highest engagement of its entire annual series. The company also included Best Practices education at its Executive Symposium at Applied Net and other industry events.

“Applied Systems continues to do a wonderful job of promoting the philosophies of the Best Practices through communication and education,” said Robert Rusbuldt, Big “I” president & CEO who presented the awards. “We applaud Applied’s ongoing dedication to Best Practices education efforts and for its innovative approach that benefits agents.”

Central Insurance Companies continues to demonstrate its Commitment to helping independent agents grow their personal lines business and promote the Best Practices philosophy. The company has demonstrated its support for education and training for agents to hone competitive advantage. Central has focused on educating marketing managers and participating on panels related to Best Practices.

“Since 2005, through numerous company-wide and online initiatives, Central Insurance Companies, a Trusted Choice® company, promotes the philosophies of the Best Practices through agent education and countless innovative efforts,” said Rusbuldt. “We applaud Central’s long-standing dedication and leadership.”

EMC Insurance Companies (EMC) is recognized for its commitment to supporting independent agents and growth of agents by helping them perpetuate internally. The company works with field representatives on key challenges and teaches agents how to tackle challenges that the Best Practices study exposed such as slow growth, consolidation, aging work force and new threats. EMC supports Best Practices at the state and local levels. 

“EMC, a Trusted Choice® company, continues growing the Best Practices program through grassroots and hands on innovate education programs,” continued Rusbuldt. “We are excited to recognize EMC, for its dedication to helping agents further develop their business and providing invaluable resources.”

Travelers Insurance Company has been recognized for supporting the program since the inception of the Best Practices Awards of Excellence in 2001. Travelers continues to use its joint planning tool to encourage agencies to use their agency management system to tie into Best Practices areas. The company shows agents how to use these tools to grow their business. Travelers provides Best Practices materials for select agencies and helps promote the resources externally.

“We are proud to announce, that for the 16th year in a row, Travelers, a Trusted Choice® company, has earned this special award recognizing its support of the Best Practices program,” said Rusbuldt. “Through countless efforts, Travelers continues to demonstrate its unmatched and long-standing commitment to Best Practices by working directly with agents to help them grow their business. Travelers leads by example through professional development and communication resources.”

Founded in 1896, the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA or the Big “I”) is the nation’s oldest and largest national association of independent insurance agents and brokers, representing a network of approximately a quarter of a million agents, brokers and their employees nationally. Its members are businesses that offer customers a choice of policies from a variety of insurance companies. Independent agents and brokers offer all lines of insurance—property, casualty, life, health, employee benefit plans and retirement products. Web address:



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