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Unsupported Software and Data Breaches

May 2, 2016

Agents beware. If you’re running unsupported software on your computer to access the Internet, process emails, or receive files via USB devices, you could be putting your data at risk and opening yourself up to a cyber breach. Unsupported software no longer receives virus protection against malware attacks. That means that nothing is there to protect you from the nearly 1 million pieces of malware that are released daily.
These viruses are developed to gain access to your IDs, passwords, and sensitive business and customer information that hackers can use unlawfully. And when an infected computer sends information across the company network, all of the computers are exposed to the same malware.¹
With the average cost of a cyber breach being $6.5 million,² can you afford to take this risk?
At the very least, unsupported software – including Windows XP that many Agents may still be running – will lead to compatibility issues with more up-to-date data programs and make it difficult to run your business efficiently.
To stay safe, determine what software you’re running and whether it’s current. If not, update it as soon as possible. Keeping up to date and being smart about cyber issues will prevent unwanted viruses, data breaches and compatibility concerns, enabling you to serve your clients.
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