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Specific Carrier TLS Email Encryption Information

The matrix below lists insurance carriers that have reported to ACT that they support TLS email encryption for their agencies provided the agency has also enabled TLS on their mail servers.
  • With some carriers, once the agency enables TLS, they are automatically enabled with the carrier. We have indicated "automatic if the agency has TLS enabled" (also known as 'opportunistic') alongside these carriers.  Even if the carrier's TLS is "automatic," we recommend that the agency confirms with the carrier that the TLS "handshake" has been properly made with a test transaction.   
  • See for various TLS testing tools to confirm that a business partner has TLS activated and that your emails are being sent securely to that partner.
  • Other carriers require the agency to request the carrier to turn on TLS with the particular agency.  We have indicated "TLS must be requested from carrier" beside these carriers.  
Updated 09/09/2020
If one of your carriers is not on this list, please check with them to see if they support TLS and if so, have them contact us at 

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