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Whitepaper:  Privacy & Data Breach Language for Insurance Company Agency Agreements

Understand your agency requirements on these critical issues

Insurance company agency agreement wording for both Property Casualty agents and Group Health agents require unequivocal compliance with all current state and federal privacy and data breach response laws. Failure to do so puts the agency in potential breach of contract and liable for all claims incurred by the insurance company under the indemnification clause in their agreement. This could cause serious financial harm for most agencies and agency owners.  

This whitepaper by Judi Newman (NetGenDataConsulting and Phaze II Consulting, Inc.) and Bill Larson (Profit Protection Risk Management Consulting) is the result of extensive reviews of over 100 different company agency agreements.  It shows that almost all P&C and Group Health companies require that agencies be compliant with all federal and state laws. 

The whitepaper guides agencies through privacy, security, and data breach overviews in view of GLBA, FCRA, FACTA, HIPAA, and HITECH. 

Here is a downloadable PDF version of the full Whitepaper: 
                             WhitePaper InsCo Agreements - 2016Dec14.pdf

* Also, here's a link to a quick 'Data Security Protection' assessment offered free of charge to ACT Members by Net Gen Consulting:


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