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Planning Your Digital Presence

A roadmap to build your distinctive value proposition and brand, build an effective website and to use social media

         George Nordhaus just completed a series of three short webinars on his “Monday Morning” series entitled “Planning Your Digital Presence.” The series features Marit Peters, Independent Insurance Agents of New Mexico (IIANM); Marty Agather, Project CAP; and Jason Cass, JDC Insurance.  These webinars are based on a highly successful workshop put on by IIANM and also include a workbook which contains some great information and exercises to help agents implement the recommendations.

Click here for the webinar workbook.

Webinar #1 provides agents with a great roadmap as to how they can establish a distinctive value proposition and brand for their agency (both as an independent agent and as an individual agency).  The session also helps agents draw a picture of their agency’s ideal customer segment(s) and how they can position their products – features, advantages and benefits – in a way that will resonate with consumers.  The workbook contains some exercises for agencies to undertake with their employees to get to meaningful decisions in each of these areas.  The information the agency develops through this process will be invaluable in providing the foundation for the content for the agency’s website, videos, blogs, social media, etc.   

Webinar #2 helps agents understand the importance of having an effective website to anchor their online presence and what its key components are.  The presenters provide some excellent tips for agency websites and the workbook contains a more detailed checklist of key website components.  The session also discusses the online tools which agents can use to evaluate their websites.  In addition, the webinar provides strategies for agents to use to increase their search engine positioning, by using Project CAP,, Google+ Business, etc.

Webinar #3 provides a review of the major social media tools, with special focus on YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook.  Jason Cass discusses how he is employing these tools to get his message out and to market, and then provides a detailed look as to how he is using Facebook to generate business.   
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