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Security Issues Work Group

This work group has generated excellent tools around security and privacy for agents and brokers. The group investigates emerging security issues and determines what guidance we need to provide our IA distribution. Last year, the work group released our 'Agency Security Issues Pocket Guide and supporting Reference Guide to aid agents in setting their security strategy. These guides cover topics such as data encryption, updating security plans, data breach, and laws, issues with mobile devices, texting and others
ACT also partnered with the Center for Internet Security, offering free 'Cyber Hygiene' toolkits for agents (now available).

In fall 2017, the group released the 'ACT Agency Cyber Guide 1.0' - This addresses all security regulations from entities like Gramm-Leach-Bliley, NYDFS, and the NAIC.  The Guide provides descriptions and resources for all regulations, including a downloadable template to create an Agency Cybersecurity Policy. 

As of October 2018, the group has now released the next iteration of the 'Agency Cyber Guide 2.0 ' - creating a matrix of vendors offering cyber resources to address regulations, as well as release 'quick hit' advisories focusing on security aspects such as routers, passwords, security testing/and others.   

2020 Strategy Update:  This work group will have no shortage of security-related issues to address - emerging state cyber regulations, NY DFS, NAIC, and many others.  
Through Q3 2020, we will be working to update the Agency Cyber Guide to version 3.0, and also creating additional ADA/Accessibility resources.
If you'd like to be involved, please contact
Co-Chairs: Steve Aronson (Aronson Insurance) and George Robertson (Rockingham Insurance)
Click here to view the 'Agency Cyber Guide 2.0'
Click here to view the Agency Security Issues Pocket Guide.
Click here to view the ADA/Accessibility Resource web pages.  
Click here to view the supporting full Summary Reference Guide.
Click here to access the ACT/CIS 'Cyber Hygiene' toolkits.
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