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Verisk to Introduce Significant Updates to the Businessowners Policy Program

Author: Nancy Germond 

Citing “climate change, changing lifestyles and new technologies," Verisk will update the Businessowners (BOP) program with “significant enhancements." Work from home, the increased “gig" economy, cannabis opportunities and other societal shifts have encouraged Verisk to refresh its ISO BOP program.

Overview of BOP Changes

Here are some of the significant changes you can expect.

  • Almost 160 new classifications and updated 2022 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes
  • New rules and advisory prospective loss costs, for example, for hired and non-owned autos and drones
  • Class table enhancements, including the former 140 classes now “collapsed" into 56 classes, with over 20 classes discontinued
  •  New classifications that “compliment" micro-BOPs
  • Updates to the base coverage form to exclude ransomware coverage
  • An increased radius expansion from the current 100 feet to 1,000


    Why the Changes?


According to an article on the Verisk site, “More accurate classifications can support more precise pricing, help reduce premium leakage, free up additional revenue and resources…" which can help carriers operate more profitably. NAIC updates show classes that are now that are “more complete and current."

To download the Verisk BOP updates brochure, visit this link.

Examples of Class Code Changes

Here are some class code change examples listed on Verisk's BOP brochure linked just above.

  • Auto service risk classification enhancements
  • Over 20 new medical office classifications
  • New cannabis-related business classifications
  • Retail class code changes with a sub-class for rentals, eliminating video rental stores. (Hey, Video Exclusives, I guess your out of luck!)
  • The addition of new classes such as online stores
  • New internet sales classifications
  • “More granular" new number of units for apartments and residential condos
  • New contractor classifications
  • New office classes such as coworking spaces
  • New classes for information technology risks


According to Verisk, these are just a few of the classifications changes you'll see. Called one of the “most significant enhancements to the ISO BOP program," agents can learn more about these changes by reaching out directly to ISO.

When are BOP Changes Effective?

According to Verisk personnel, the BOP filing has been submitted to a number of jurisdictions with a proposed effective date of December 2024.

The circulars (available to carriers) for this filing are as follows.

LI-BP-2023-196 – Forms

LI-BP-2023-197 – Loss Costs

LI-BP-2023-198 – Rules

As we get more information, we'll update this article. 

Originally Published: October 27, 2023


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