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Businessowners Policy

A few recent articles highlight how many Americans, especially Millennials, supplement their income with side gigs. A side gig is work people start in addition to their main jobs. Side gigs can be full time or part time, and many people begin side gigs because they intend to transition into a full-time business. Many side-gig practitioners do not understand they face many liabilities, from customers in their homes to copyright infringement on their website. This article explores how to round out accounts by reaching out to your customers with side gigs.
Citing “climate change, changing lifestyles and new technologies,” Verisk will update the Businessowners (BOP) program with “significant enhancements.” Read on for an overview of the expected changes.
The businessowners policy (BOP) is one of the most widely used commercial insurance policies designed to protect small-to-medium sized business owners. While the Insurance Services Office ISO form is readily available, many insurers develop their own BOPs, tailored to different types of businesses, from main street florists to restaurants to contracting businesses. If you’re just starting out in commercial lines, beginning with the BOP is a great way to grow your business.
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