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From the Editor

Big "I" Virtual University VUpoint Newsletter
March 27, 2020 Edition
Copyright  2020 by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, Inc.


This is it! The last edition of VUpoint. After approximately 490 editions, a great publication comes to an end. You will want to print out this entire edition and show it to your kids and grandkids someday. I promise.

But as I've been promising, the Virtual University isn't ending one publication without replacing it with another. I revealed the name last issue: Insurance Illustrated; now let me tell you a bit more about it.

The first major difference you will notice is distribution – Insurance Illustrated is a weekly publication. Yes, you will get a new edition every Friday. This gives us the opportunity to get information to you more quickly.

Topics and articles. Every edition will offer you between six and eight different topics from which to choose. Even better, there will be two to three articles within each topic. So, there will be a lot more content from week to week.

New media. Over time we will be adding podcasts and webinars to the newsletter. This will offer you more options regarding how you get your information.

It's still open to anyone. Just like VUpoint, anyone can subscribe to Insurance Illustrated.

It's still free. Insurance Illustrated is a service of the Virtual University and Big I.

Target launch date. Our goal is to launch the first edition of Insurance Illustrated on Friday, April 10! Be on the lookout.

As a current subscriber, you don't have to do anything to receive Insurance Illustrated. The current subscriber list rolls over to the new publication. Once you begin receiving Insurance Illustrated, we do make one request, forward it to folks you know as we would like to get the information in front of more insurance professionals.

Get ready for the launch of Insurance Illustrated. Bang the drum, get excited, tell everyone you know, put it in your Christmas cards (OK, now I'm getting nutty).

We hope you find great benefit in the new Insurance Illustrated.

Now, let's look at what is in this issue. You may want to call this the COVID-19 edition because all three articles focus on the insurance issues surrounding the coronavirus. Two articles focus on business income and the last on the auto exposure that arises from food delivery.

Buddy is excited about the upcoming introduction of Insurance Illustrated. He is busy putting the finishing touches on several parts of the new publication, so I gave him time away from VUpoint to get done what he needs to finish. But don't worry, his growing concern with agent knowledge will be evident in the Insurance Illustrated.

Chris Boggs
Executive Director, Risk Management and Education

​127 South Peyton Street
Alexandria VA 22314
​phone: 800.221.7917
fax: 703.683.7556

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