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From the Editor

Big "I" Virtual University VUpoint Newsletter
Vol. 20, No. 23 - Issue #486 - November 8, 2019
Copyright  2019 by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, Inc.


You may be able to call this issue the “Marijuana Issue." Now don't get all “high" and mighty on me, I'm not taking sides on the issue. My goal is simply to bring you up to date on where the states stand on marijuana and what ISO has made available to the industry regarding marijuana.

In this issue you can toke on:

  • Marijuana in the US: Although the federal government still considers marijuana and THC-containing substances illegal, states are changing their laws. How do such “altered states" affect insurance carriers? Where does each state stand currently regarding marijuana?
  • BOP Not High on Cannabis: ISO introduced five cannabis exclusions for use with the BOP form. Two are almost “absolute" and three contain exceptions. This article introduces and describes these new endorsements.
  • Cannabis (and Marijuana) Exclusions and Exceptions​: Because the insurance industry is stuck in the middle between federal and state laws, ISO introduced 11 new cannabis-related exclusions for use with several of its programs. This article highlights the key sections within these new endorsements so the reader can interpret each endorsement simply from the title.

I don't know about you, but I'm hungry. I want some Doritos or something.

Buddy had the munchies himself today. But even though he was extremely mellow, he was still able to stumble across some good Ask An Expert questions.

Yes, I realize this is a short “From the Editor" for me; but for some reason I just can't concentrate today.


Chris Boggs
Executive Director, Big "I" Virtual University

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