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From the Editor

Big "I" Virtual University VUpoint Newsletter
Vol. 20, No. 14 - Issue #477 - July 5, 2019
Copyright  2019 by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, Inc.


Yesterday we celebrated our independence our right to self-governance. While eating hot dogs and hamburgers yesterday and watching fireworks last night, did you stop to really reflect on and consider the difficult decision our founders made to declare independence after 171 years as a British colony?

Long debates took place before someone finally said, Let's do it; let's start our own country." Since no one had any experience launching a country, I'm sure there was celebration combined with fear and even insecurity. Starting a business is one thing, starting your own country is something completely different.

Have you ever considered the fact that we didn't actually declare independence as a country, we declared independence as an united group of individual states. Yes, this started as a state thing," not a federal thing. The Declaration of Independence was the evidence that each state (colony) agreed and committed to unite with all other states in the cause of independence and freedom.

Read the Declaration, it references the united States of America (notice the lowercase u") not the United States of America. Further, the Declaration declared each colony as Free and Independent States." We did not become the United States of America until September 9, 1776.

We started with an, All for one and one for all" commitment.

Have you ever wondered how different the world would be had this decision not been made? I wish I was creative enough to imagine how life would be different here and around the world without our declaring our independence from tyranny. It might be a fascinating read.

In this issue of VUpoint we poke fun at agents - and underwriters. Basically, each side has the opportunity to laugh at the other seems only fair. Another topic discussed is one we introduced last year murals. Although this may sound like a ridiculous waste of your brain power, consider the fact a mural can be valued at more than $100,000. Not the building, just the mural. You may want to pay attention to this exposure.

Buddy said he wanted to take a little time to tour this great nation and enjoy our diversity of terrain, weather and especially people. He has more than earned it so there will be no Ask An Expert section this week. If you see Buddy be sure to say hello.

Enjoy the freedom our forefathers declared and our military fights to maintain.

Chris Boggs
Executive Director, Big "I" Virtual University

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