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From the Editor

Big "I" Virtual University VUpoint Newsletter
February 14, 2020 Edition
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I certainly hope you remembered that today is Valentine's Day. Yes, folks, it's the day we celebrate that failed New Year's resolution to lose weight by buying and consuming large quantities of chocolate.

According to, Valentine's Day is celebrated in the US, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, and Australia. By the middle of the 18th century, it was common for friends and lovers of all social classes to exchange small tokens of affection or handwritten notes. By 1900 printed cards began to replace written letters due to improvements in printing technology. Ready-made cards were an easy way for people to express their emotions in a time when direct expression of one's feelings was discouraged. And creation of the drug store and road-side flower stands saved more forgetful husbands than any calendar reminder ever did (OK, so this last part wasn't on, but it's probably true.)

On another note, we are about five weeks from Spring. With that thought in mind, certainly you have begun work on your April 1 renewals.

What can you expect from this edition of VUpoint? Well, in this issue you can read:

I think this is one of those issues where you will want to review every article. It is packed.

Buddy has been closely following our Ask an Expert questions and answers as he begins to learn more and more about this business. I'm proud of his commitment to learning insurance so he can better serve the members. His goal is policy knowledge and process excellence.

We thank you for allowing us to be part of your industry education. Know that we take that role very seriously. We stand ready to serve.

Chris Boggs
Executive Director, Big "I" Virtual University

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