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Invest in technology and processes that make purchasing easy

The consumer finds the right fit for their insurance needs and it's your agency. Now, they need to be able to easily engage your staff. And, when it's time to sign on the dotted line, many will look for a simple online application and want to complete the process via mobile-friendly e-signature and EFT payment. 

1. Online Applications With Minimal
Information Required From the Applicant

Most consumers are used to completing a quick web form to order service and they will want the same from their independent agent. This can be further simplified when the agent and customer can work on the file simultaneously. Additionally, any information the agent can backfill from public assessors will streamline the process. Utilize as many online databases for supplanting information as possible. The application also needs to allow the customer to choose coverage and billing options.

Data and solution resources

Screen-sharing resources 

Sometimes referred to as "co-browsing" - software you can use to view insured's screens to act as a guide while they fill out your online forms

2. E-signature

Consumers expect mobile-enabled e-signature for applications, coverage rejection, and other forms. Common E-signature protocols must be accepted and implemented by all companies and agents and the time savings for agencies can be enormous.


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3. Bonus Service Feature: Online Chat Assistance

Chatbots and online chat are an easy way for consumers to get the answers they need and to connect with your sales force. Coupled with an easy-to-find phone number, your team can help the client determine what coverage they may need and start the application process.

Tools for online chat and chatbots:

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