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Paul Z. Martin

MartinPaul.jpgPaul Z. Martin, CPCU is an education consultant and owner of PZ Martin Education Strategies, Inc., a firm dedicated to making insurance industry professionals better through customized education and support.
Paul Z. Martin, CPCU is an education consultant and owner of PZ Martin Education Strategies, Inc., a firm dedicated to making insurance industry professionals better through customized education and support. His varied insurance career includes experience as an adjuster, underwriter, special agent, company manager, independent agent, and over a decade as an insurance educator in Texas.
Paul is a Texas native and graduate of Texas A&M University where he earned a BBA in Management.  He began his career in insurance right out of school becoming a multi-line “old school” claims adjuster where he was given a brief case, camera, a stack of settlement forms, and some drafts and instructed to take care of every claim in his territory – car accidents, workers’ compensation claims, homeowners losses, everything. Fortunately that territory was familiar, surrounding his hometown of Tyler, Texas.  The experience not only gave him a wide-ranging education in insurance coverage, but it taught him what insurance policyholders and claimants alike really want, to be treated in friendly and respectful manner during a stressful time in their lives.
Eventually, Paul was given the chance to widen his experience in insurance by becoming what was then an endangered species, and which today is practically extinct, a special agent for a regional insurer.   As a special agent, Paul was responsible for the commercial underwriting, and marketing, for over 60 independent agencies in Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia.  There he developed particular expertise in writing large difficult workers compensation led accounts.  Tutored by experienced veterans in the business, Paul thrived as he continued his professional education. 
The underwriter gig eventually turned into a chance to become a partner in a family agency in Jackson, Mississippi.  Here he learned how the bills really get paid as an agent, with sales.  He learned what it took to sell to oil and gas operators, poultry processors, manufacturers, municipalities, schools, and much more.  Again, the theme was large accounts, often with problems needing special attention, and working with underwriters to find a way to get accounts written.  Eventually, the tug of home lead Paul onto his next insurance adventure, joining the fledgling Texas Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fund in Austin, Texas.
The Fund was operating in a period of market anxiety in Texas and Paul was recruited to speak to the public, the current and future policyholders of the Fund, about its mission, its services and the environment that a new workers’ compensation statute had created in Texas.  His public education efforts were followed by new agency education programs, which eventually lead him into management.
Paul left the Fund to join the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas in the mid 90’s as a staff agent educator and course writer.  He later became the director of education for the association where he lead in the development of new course programs, new education formats, new certification programs, and managed delivery of over 250 days of classroom training all across Texas.  He also was the central contact for new producers and young agents in the state, a natural fit given his many years of training new producers.
Today Paul enjoys pouring his experience and teaching into industry professionals however and whenever he can. 
Paul Z. Martin
PZ Martin Education Strategies
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