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Extraterritorial/Reciprocity Statutes by State

Author: Chris Boggs

When employees travel out of state for work, real work comp coverage gaps can exist; and these gaps could leave the employer without the necessary protection they THOUGHT they purchased when they paid their work comp premiums.

Recently the Virtual University hosted a webinarUntangling the Work Comp Mess: When Employees Travel & Their Families Sue, and from that webinar came the idea to develop a reference document listing the extraterritoriality and reciprocity statutes by state.

The information in this document is about 95% complete but gaps do exist and will be filled in as the new information is discovered. If you find any discrepancies or know of any updates, please reach out to Nancy Germond and she will update the chart so it can be as precise as possible.

Last Updated:  October 7, 2022

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