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Untangling the Work Comp Mess - Who is Covered and When

Author: Chris Boggs


Workers' compensation is a relatively easy coverage to understand. Work comp is work comp is work comp. The difficulty does not arise out of the work comp policy but rather from the myriad statutes that surround and control how a work comp policy responds.

Two key questions are answered in this report - what makes an injury or disease compensable under workers' compensation and who is covered by the work comp policy.

In this 41-page Big "I" Virtual University Risk & Reality Report, author Chris Boggs explains:

     - Which injuries are compensable and where gray areas exist;
     - The four types of "employees" (workers the insured is responsible for protecting);
     - Why entity type (corporation vs. partnership vs. LLC) matters in work comp; and
     - How contractual risk transfer can alter or be altered by workers' compensation.

Check out this Risk & Reality Report's Table of Contents.


What is a Big "I" Virtual University Risk & Reality Report?

Our Risk & Reality Reports​ are white papers adapted from various Big "I" Virtual University webinars and articles written by some of the industry's leading experts.

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